BIONAP is a dynamic company which produces standardized botanical extracts obtained from plants and fruits growing in the areas surrounding Mt Etna UNESCO World Heritage. Our mission is to discover innovative active substances with the aim of improving the health and well-being of people world wide.

BIONAP is committed to sustainability and innovation, working continuously to improve production and quality.
We have defined 3 strategic pillars that guide us on the way to achieve these objectives:


Every day we take care of our products from the harvesting to the labelling, through a short, traceable and ethical chain.


We believe that a sustainable business should have the support of its employees, stakeholders. This support comes down to treating employees fairly and being a good community member, both locally and globally.


We are focusing on reducing our environmental impact. We believe that have a beneficial impact on the planet can also have a positive financial impact.

Bionap, always careful with market trends, thanks to a long-lasting experience in plant extraction, supported by the expertise of its Research & Development team, is capable of developing innovative solutions for


Since 1997, BIONAP has devoted its efforts to the “Science of the Earth”. The company is supported globally by experts in scientific research and development who give to the company the boost to the development of ingredients which excel in quality confirmed by the international certifications.

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95032 Piano Tavola Belpasso (CT) Italy

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